Dr. Carolyn Mills earned her PhD in Clinical and Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan. A Michigan native, Dr. Mills began her career as a professor of psychology, management, business, and communication. She taught at several universities upon completing graduate school. In keeping with her training in clinical psychology, Mills embarked on a career as counselor, and has served hundreds of clients in this capacity, both in-person and via Skype.

A unique personal journey had led Dr. Mills to a reinvigorated career in personal counseling and life coaching. An avid sailor, Mills was caught in an explosion while aboard her Tioga sailboat. The accident left Mills wounded and unconscious in the middle of the ocean, amid 250 gallons of diesel fuel. After rescuing herself, Dr. Mills spent three and a half days in a coma before waking up. After the accident, she had to re-locate to a climate with sufficiently clean air to allow for a thorough recovery. She spent 14 years in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

Dr. Mills has returned to the United States, and her career has been given new energy by her personal crisis. Dr. Mills brings this inspired dedication to her work daily. She works to help each client overcome his or her own unique struggle. Dr. Mills emerged from her own life-changing experience with a reinvigorated passion to helping people improve their lives, become their best selves, and find answers.